Career Mentoring

Whether you're a student just starting out in the job market or a veteran seeking a new career, our mentors can guide you.

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Software Development

We develop front-end, web-based or mobile applications for your business. Also learn how to build one yourself.

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Strategic Partnership Connector

We bridge relationships between personal or corporate brands for better project management and marketing.

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Our Mission

EGB Life's mission is simple: helping the global society achieve social transcendence.

This can be done through educating the public to live an existential life and bringing social transcendence to awareness. But first, what is 'social transcendence'? People may be familiar with self-transcendence. Social transcendence is simply achieving the golden state of consciousness when the productivity is maximized, collectively. We want transcendence for the entire population on the planet.

We want to fight climate crisis, diseases, and the complex problems of 'life'. To do that, we need to start with the individuals.

We want everyone to develop their self brand to be competitive in the job market. As technological connectivity and virtual lives become more prevalent, one should stand not only as an individual but as an ensemble of ideas organized into a global organization.

These organizations as a unit will develop and deploy creative, innovative and experimental ideas. We help incubate these organizations ground up, and partner with each other or other established businesses and organizations.


Next Steps...

Humans have collaborated for thousands of years. We can do even more leveraging technological connectivity. If you have any project ideas, want advices for your start up or NGO, or want a software developed for your business, let's connect!